The Dumping Ground (Fill-in)

co-hosted with Andrew

Every Saturday, 4pm to 6pm EST on 88.1FM WMBR Cambridge MA

Here are the songs we played on March 11, 2000.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Lurkers Ain't Got a Clue (live)  
100 Flowers Sensible Virgin  
Feederz Jesus Entering From the Rear  
Braille Party Let It Burn  
Peter and the Test Tube Babies Banned From the Pub  
Agent Orange Bloodstains  
Adicts Straight Jacket  
Fang They Sent Me to Hell COD  
Dillinger 4 Unemployed No Idea
Damned Stab Your Back  
30 Seconds Over Tokyo I've Learned  
Sepultura Policia  
Circle Jerks Coup Detat  
Coffin Break Beth  
Dresden 45 Pipe Fittin' Man  
The Bags Try It  
Standells Try It  
Cobra Killer Try It  
White Stripes Hand Springs Multiball
Corduroy Motorhead  
Devil Dogs Dance With You Baby  
Dwarves Speed Demon  
Turbo Negro Just Flesh  
Naked Raygun Only In America  
Action Swingers How Do You Work This Thing  
Electric Frankenstein It's All Moving Faster  
Ghetto Thunder Chuck  
Jerry's Kids Pressure  
Void My Rules  
Naked Aggression You Will Never Change Me  
Cop Shoot Cop Feel Good  
Pink Section Been in the Basement 30 Years  
Happy Flowers My Frisbee Went Under a Lawnmower  
Snuff Martin  
M.O.T.O. Dick About It  
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Love American Style  
Toast Sara Jane  
The 'Tone Pauline  
P.B.S. Mr. Rogers  
Snuff What Kind of Love  
Leatherface Post War Product  

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