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Here are the songs I played on March 15, 2001.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: UK Mod Revival ('78 to '82)

Band Song Label (if new)
Long Tall Shorty What's Going On  
The Clerks When the Lights Go Out  
The VIP's Just Can't Let You Go  
Merton Parkas Flat 19  
Split Screens Know What I Want  
Squire Girl on the Train  
Secret Affair Time for Action  
The Letters Don't Want You Back  
Run 229 Soho  
The Directions It May Be Too Late  
The Aces One Way Street  
Amber Squad Can We Go Dancing  
Teenage Filmstars I Apologise  
Les Elite Career Girl  
Lambrettas Go Steady  
Fast Cars The Kids Just Wanna Dance  
Alternative TV Fun City  
The Jam Start!  
Ocean Blue I Can't See You March
Chamber Strings For the Happy Endings Bobsled
The Minders Give Me Strength Spin Art
AMFM Time Flows Much More Slowly This Way Polyvinyl
Wagon Christ Natural Suction Ninja Tune
Rainer Maria Artificial Light Polyvinyl
Little Champions Low Flying Plane Barsuk
Frank Black and the Catholics Bullet What Are?
Bingo Trappers White Bikini Animal World
Kings of Convenience Failure Astralwerks
Fonda Summer Land (Be My Love) Peek-a-Boo
Lenola Cast Your Lines File13
Hefner The Day That Thatcher Dies Too Pure
Soundtrack of Our Lives Nevermore Telegram
Book of Love Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) Reprise

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