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Marshall came back for the second year in a row to spin some favorites during the first hour!

Here are the songs I played on April 18, 2002.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Flaming Lips Waitin' For A Superman  
Reindeer Section Fire Bell  
Soulhat Things Aren't Like That Anymore  
The Reivers Inside Out Dualtone
The Places Own Your Own Home  
Minutemen Maybe Partying Will Help  
Firehose Flyin' The Flannel  
Minutemen Toadies  
Dismemberment Plan The Ice Of Boston  
Death Cab For Cutie For What Reason  
Rilo Kiley Wires And Waves  
Popgun Seven The Waiting Feeling's Fine  
Incredible Moses Leroy 1983  
Justin Roberts Yellow Bus  
Matt Pond PA Measure 1  
Antarctica Absence  
Luna Black Champagne Jetset
Starlet And How It Breaks Parasol
Parlour Mperfect Temporary Residence
Hood Hood Northern Slumberland
Should Faded Words Over Music
Alfie Summer Lanes Twisted Nerve
Don Lennon Really Dave Matthews Secretly Canadian
Little Wings Do Be K
Dolly Varden Trying To Live Up Undertow
Masters Of The Hemisphere The Gauntlet/Summer With You Kindercore
Acid House Kings Swedish Hearts Hidden Agenda
Neil Diamond Juliet MCA

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