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Here are the songs I played on May 16, 2000.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Stanford Marching Band Crazy Train Cool Beans
International House of Karen Tell Me Momma Patty Duke Fanzine
Ween She's Your Baby Elektra
Red House Painters I'm Sorry Badman
Leatherface Choice BYO
Black Cat Music Red Velvet and Roses Cheetah's
Dewey Defeats Truman Road to Nowhere Maps Silver Girl
Sunny Day Real Estate Snibe Time Bomb
Tsar I Don't Wanna Break Up Hollywood
Twelve Rods Marionette V2
Richard Davies Amsterdam Kindercore
Dolly Varden Progress Note Evil Teen
Blonde Redhead Hated Because of Great Qualities Touch and Go
Glossary Just Be a Rampart Champ
Breezy Porticos Crayola Sunset Paper Cuts
Masters of the Hemisphere Who Is This Dog? Kindercore
Numacs Babe I Lost My Way Davenport
Aislers Set Chicago New York Slumberland
True Love Always Torch Teen Beat
Persons If Music Be the Bowl of Love Black Bean and Placenta
Sick Bees Peaches-N-Herb Up
Bright Eyes Something Vague Saddle Creek
Saints Vs. Whalers Brawl '75 Cool Beans

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