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Here are the songs I played on May 31, 2001.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Children

Band Song Label (if new)
KMFDM Godlike  
Arling and Cameron We Love Dancing  
Land Of The Loops Multi-Family Garage Sale  
Belle and Sebastian If You're Feeling Sinister  
Cheap Trick Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School  
The Police On Any Other Day  
Smog Hit The Ground Running  
Delgados No Danger  
The Clash Career Opportunities  
XTC Dear God  
Dukes of Stratosphear Vanishing Girl  
Dukes of Stratosphear Have You Seen Jackie?  
Jellyfish Sebrina Paste and Plato  
AM Stereo Money Store Intelligent
Ex-Models The Birth of Disneyland Ace Fu
Destroyer The Sublimation Hour Misra
James Combs Soft Star Mode Ubiquity
Prince Charming Sabine In The Morning Lovecraft-Technologies
Mark Eitzel The Global Sweep of Human History Matador
Pernice Brothers Bryte Side Ashmont
The Clientele We Could Walk Together Merge
Dolour Cleopatra Eyes Sonic Boom
Troll Army Orange Sun
Ashley Park Clear The Corners Kindercore
Ben Davis Conclude This Movement Lovitt
Toulouse Into L'avventura Grimsey
Whitesnake Love Ain't No Stranger  

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