Breakfast of Champions - Wednesday

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Here are the songs I played on June 2, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Radio!

Band Song Label (if new)
Joe Jackson On the Radio  
Treepeople Radio Man  
Butterglory She Can't Hide From Radios  
Romania We're on the Radio  
Sugarplastic Radio Jejune  
Carpettes Radio Wunderbar  
XTC Radios in Motion  
Bow Wow Wow Radio G-String  
Buzzcocks Airwaves Dream  
Slaves Radio Daze  
Ramones We Want the Airwaves  
Clash This is Radio Clash  
Donnas Gimme My Radio  
R.E.M. Radio Free Europe  
Rush Spirit of the Radio  
Elvis Costello and the Attractions Radio Radio  
John Cale and Suzanne Vega So Long, Marianne Astor Place
Go-Betweens Cattle and Cane Beggars Banquet
Kissing Book Oh Oh Oh Magic Marker
Dressy Bessy Lookaround Kindercore
To Rococo Rot This Sandy Piece Mute
Red House Painters Smokey (demo) Redman
Spain I'm Leaving You Restless
Azalia Snail It Grows on You Dark Beloved Cloud
Prolapse Jetset
Long Distance Runner Freedom Rise self release
Add N to (X) Fyuz Mute
Velocette Bitterscene Beggars Banquet
David Bowie with The Lower Third Can't Help Thinking About Me Uncut
Caterpillar Nimble Tongs Walt Tappersize

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