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Here are the songs I played on June 27, 2005.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Wipers No Generation Gap  
Hole Over The Edge  
Green River Ain't Nothin' To Do  
Turbonegro Get It On  
Young Fresh Fellows Motorbroke  
Apollo 100 Dan The Banjo Man  
Aluminum Knot Eye My Life As An Eel Trick Knee
Mallemuck She's Very Japanese  
Old Man Gloom Poisoner  
324 New Demention  
Super Hussy We Are The Best  
Zodiac Killers Throw Your Stereo Rip Off
Steve Hunter Eight Miles High  
Demons Claws Blood On My Fangs Dead Canary
The Move Wild Tiger Woman  
Connie Smith Louisiana Man  
Miss Mary Silly Boy, Don't Be So Sad Waxfruit
MC5 High School  
Rumah Sakit I Can't See Anything When I Close My Eyes  
Pinkerton Thugs Murdered By The FBI  
Moral Crux Mindless Obedience  
Justice League Use Your Own Head  
The Feederz Dead Bodies  
411 Face The Flag  
Giant Sand Big Bear Barn Shadow  
Buck Pets How Delicious She Looks  
The Perfect Disaster Shout!  
Death Of Samantha Savior City  
Sister Ray Sex  
Impala Blue Belle!  
Jack Darling Catwoman  
The Puppies Atmosphere  
Simpletones I Like Drugs  
Lou Miami and Kozmetix Fascist Lover  
Bis Kill Yr Boyfriend  
Amboy Dukes Marriage Part 1: Man, Part 2: Woman, Part 3: Music  
Live Skull Fat Of The Land  
Zulus I Can't Wait To Tell You The News  
Butterglory Yeoman  
Kneecappers Love On The Sidewalk  
Tsar Straight TVT
Cobra Killer Try It  
Davie Allan And The Arrows Twine Time Sundazed
Paul McCartney and Wings Magneto And Titanium Man  

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