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Here are the songs I played on July 7, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Songs Less Than 60 Seconds

Band Song Label (if new)
Sebadoh My Own Religion  
Low Dark  
Happy Flowers Know  
His Name Is Alive Save the Birds  
Unrest Feeling Good Fixation  
Sparklehorse Box of Stars (Part One)  
Pendulum Floors Mars Bar  
Elf Power The Frightened Singers  
Beatnik Filmstars Our Celestial Pilot  
Olivia Tremor Control Green Typewriters #3  
Plastic Bertrand Solo Naif Song  
The Who Medac  
Dramarama Pumps on a Hill  
Guided By Voices Gold Hick  
Game Theory Go Ahead, You're Dying To  
Loud Family North San Bruno Dishonor Trip  
Minutemen The Maze  
84 Nash Fearless Annie Ragamuffin  
Half Japanese My Most Embarrasing Moment  
Baby Astronauts Heard This Before  
Pussy Galore White Noise  
Henry's Dress Sunshine Proves All Wrongness  
Some Velvet Sidewalk Sidewalk and Sky  
Brainiac Indian Poker Pt. 3  
Bongwater Women Tied Up In Knots  
Butterglory Bike  
Chickita Kool Way  
Jenny Mae Radar's Hand  
Fat Day Harmful Insect  
Gerty Farish The Ancient Irish Venture Into Battle  
Ruins Burning Stone  
Melt-Banana Stick Out  
Misfits Braineaters  
Calendar Girl Sasquatch Wisner
Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters F.B.I.  
Thee Hydrogen Terrors All Andy Warhol Weekend  
97a Restrained Discipline  
Sluts For Hire Please Please Me  
Adolescents Self Destruct  
1985 Warning Shot  
Dead Kennedys Hyperactive Child  
The Ex Machinery  
Black Flag Wasted  
Minor Threat Bottled Violence  
Circle Jerks Moral Majority  
MIA New Left Alternative Tentacles
D.O.A. Waiting For You  
Feederz Day By Day  
Meatmen Crippled Children Suck  
Meanies Hold On Champ  
Angry Samoans You Stupid Jerk  
Chixdiggit! Stacked Like That  
Dirty Rotten Imbecils Worker Bee  
Quincy Punx Nuke Seattle  
Adrenalin O.D. Fuck the Neighbors  
Queers This Place Sucks  
Jerry's Kids Straightjacket  
Wire Straight Line  
Void My Rules  
Monsterland Car on Fire  
Nuclear Assault Mother's Day  
A.C. You've Got Cancer  
Napalm Death Private Death  
Husker Du Punch Drunk  
Bikini Kill Rah! Rah! Replica  
Jag Offs Porchcore Recess
Droogies Nuclear Marcus  
Showcase Showdown teeth teeth teeth  
Code of Honor Be Fighting Still  
Bob O'Clock Kicker  
Sorry Honesty  
Smack Dab Things With You  
August Spies Menino a-go-go  
Action Swingers Watch Out  
Fit For Abuse World in Panic  
1-4-5's Baby You Rock  
Thinking Fellers Union 282 Cold Cold Ground  
Born Against Test Pattern  
Victim's Family Instant Gratification  
Fan Modine Do It For Love  
Receptionists The Lament of the Soldier's Wife  
No Use For a Name Sarah Fisher Fat Wreck
They Might Be Giants Minimum Wage  
Abunai! Learning to Ask Camera Obscura
Cloud Eleven Hurry Home Del-Fi
Statue Factor Coughing Up Blood Nebulon
Couch Nah Dran Kollaps
Guided By Voices Surgical Focus TVT
84 Nash Cinnamon Block Rockathon
Mr. Bungle The Air-Conditioned Nightmare Warner Brothers
Verbena Submissionary Capitol
Marine Research Queen B K
800 Cherries La Pa Ti Ta March
My Favorite The Truth About Lake Ronkonkoma Double Agent
My Morning Jacket Evelyn is Not Real Darla
Sparklehorse Happy Place Capitol
Long Distance Runner Freedom Ride -

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