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Here are the songs I played on July 14, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Triple Word Score

Band Song Label (if new)
Aphrodite's Child Loud, Loud, Loud  
Containe Why Why Why  
June and the Exit Wounds Hey Hey Hey Parasol
Kissing Book Oh Oh Oh Magic Marker
Ivy Ba Ba Ba  
Depeche Mode Tora! Tora! Tora!  
Flesh For Lulu Dog Dog Dog  
Mekons Dream Dream Dream  
Sweet Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby (I Love You)  
Damned Neat Neat Neat  
Husker Du Blah Blah Blah  
Masters of the Obvious Rot Rot Rot  
Queers Love Love Love  
Helium XXX  
Liz Phair Girls! Girls! Girls!  
Minders Yeah Yeah Yeah  
Cavedogs La La La  
Smiths Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want  
Belle and Sebastian She's Losing It Matador
Black Box Recorder Kidnapping an Heiress Jetset
Maccabees Enabler Newgranada
My Favorite Absolute Zero Double Agent
2 Lone Swordsmen We Change the Frequency Matador
Red House Painters Over My Head (Demo) 4AD
Lincolnville You Know What You Are -
North of America The Path Matlock
Portastatic Easily Aroused Merge
Verbena Bang Bang Capitol
Guided By Voices Wormhole TVT
Solar Flares City on the Ocean -
Le Mans Papa Negro Grimsey
Showcase Showdown Let's Go to Jail Damaged Goods
Raymond Scott Powerhouse Rhino
My Morning Jacket War Begun Darla

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