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Here are the songs I played on July 15, 2004.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Sin Ropas Red Tooth  
The One AM Radio Shivers  
Wendy Waldman Pirate Ships  
REM Maps And Legends  
Kenna Freetime  
Cut Copy Going Nowhere Modular
Ova Looven Power Windows  
Ezekiel Honig Green Tea Single Cell
The Mendoza Line Elaine, My Dear  
The Mendoza Line What Ever Happened To You?  
Versus Blade Of Grass  
+/- Summer Dress 1 (All Her Winter Clothes)  
Containe Shy Song  
The Pacific Ocean Bashful  
The Fontaine Toups Who Told You  
The Clientele Where The Universes Are Merge
The Blades Of Grass Just Ah Rev-Ola
Richard Easton Ballad Of Betty Cole Candle Records
Battles B + T Monitor
The Guild League Jet Set ... Go! Matinee
Dirty On Purpose Girls and Sunshine Dirty On Purpose
Belle And Sebastian Your Secrets Rough Trade
Camera Obscura San Francisco Song Elefant
Fan Modine Pageantry Grimsey
Maritime Some One Has To Die deSoto
Sahara Hotnights Empty Heart RCA
Razorcuts 8 Times Around The World Matinee
n. Lannon My Last Breath Badman
Modernstate Raise Yr Hands If Yr Happy Lucky Madison

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