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Here are the songs I played on July 21, 2005.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Another hearty round of applause to repeat pledger Christopher for his musical selections during the first hour of the program!

Band Song Label (if new)
New Order World In Motion  
New Order Temptation  
Human League The Lebanon  
The Sundays Summertime  
Trespassers William Vapour Trail  
Ride Chelsea Girl  
HeartThrobs Tossed Away  
Jesus And Mary Chain Why'd You Want Me?  
Mountain Goats Against Pollution  
The Decemberists Eli, The Barrow Boy  
Matt Pond PA Winterlong  
Low On The Edge Of  
Delgados I Fought The Angels  
Spinanes Hawaiian Baby  
Lovers The First Law Of Thermodynamics  
Odiorne Marblehead File13
Mazarin I'm With You And Constellations I And Ear
Kid606 Done With The Scene Tigerbeat6
The Stairs Smoking Armada -
Goldrush Feel Better Looking
Odawas If It Smells Like A Rain Cloud Jagjaguwar
Jesus And Mary Chain Sometimes Always  
Wilderness End Of Freedom Jagjaguwar
LMNOP Forever Through The Sun Numero Group
The Oranges Band I'll Never Be Alone Lookout!
The Golden Boys Whisky Bottle Hook And Cross
Hiretsukan 19 Year Barrier G7 Welcoming Committee

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