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Here are the songs I played on July 27, 2000.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: 100 Songs in 1 Hour

Band Song Label (if new)
The Chills There Is No Point In Trying  
Dag Nasty 13 Seconds Under Water  
This Mortal Coil D. D. and E.  
Pendulum Floors Mars Bar  
His Name Is Alive Save The Birds  
Rats of Unusual Size NJ and You  
Guided By Voices Cigarette Tricks  
Gumball Alternate Feed  
Kitty Vermont Wonderful You Endearing
Bongwater Women Tied Up In Knots  
Ween Old Man Thunder  
Daniel Johnston Hoping  
Smog Bad Ideas For Country Songs II  
Half Japanese Hot Dog and Hot Damn  
Tall Dwarfs Things  
Wire Field Day For The Sundays  
Ben Lee Love Song  
The Beatles Her Majesty  
All Transistor Byshardme  
Sebadoh Pound My Skinny Hand  
The American Flag Tropical Robots  
All Freaky  
Snout 35 Sec. Street Song Bridge  
Beatnik Filmstars Our Celestial Pilot  
Tobin Sprout Back Chorus  
Post-Mortem Sailin' Daddy  
Space Ghost The Cartoon Planet Story  
Jud Jud High Hat Song No Idea
Sneakers B&G Pie Commercial  
Descendants I Wanna Be A Bear  
Bollweevils White Christmas  
Minutemen Ain't Talkin' Bout Love  
Unbunny Chisel Chin  
Pussy Galore White Noise  
Bangs Fast Easy Love  
Raunchettes What? 'Scuz Me?  
Chixdiggit! Stacked Liked That  
Chickita Kool Way  
Atom and His Package Jeb Bell  
Meatmen I Sin For A Living  
Feederz Day By Day  
Jerry's Kids Straightjacket  
August Spies Richard Fell  
Fat Day Harmful Insect  
Thee Hydrogen Terrors All Andy Warhol Weekend  
Government Issue Anarchy Is Dead  
Furious George Counselor Troi, Boy Toy  
Black Flag Wasted  
Negative FX Negative FX  
Powertrip Die  
Total Chaos What's Left For Us?  
Discordance Axis Empire  
Anal Cunt You've Got Cancer  
Napalm Death Blind To The Truth  
Zeke Rip And Destroy  
Nuclear Assault My America  
Old Man Gloom Vipers  
Ratos De Porao Traitor  
Tree Put The Wood To Her  
Men's Recovery Project Problem?  
Stormtroopers of Death Fuck The Middle East  
Stupid Babies Go Mad Bastard Bitch  
Criminals Union Yes  
Bad Religion I Want Something More  
Calendar Girl Sasquatch  
Bulge Wash Your Crack (It Smells)  
F-Minus Better To Die  
Void Authority  
Out Cold AIDS, Toxi Shock, PMS And More  
Angry Samoans The Todd Killings  
Urinals She's A Drone  
His Hero Is Gone Automation  
Insult Kick The Dog  
Negative Approach Said And Done  
Darkbuster Caught In A Trap  
Good Clean Fun You Gotta Stay Positive Phyte
Sema 4 Penthouse Blues  
Ashley Von Hurter and The Haters F.B.I.  
Gerty Farish Hey Seth, Why So Blue?  
Bikini Kill Anti-Pleasure  
The Urchin Accomplice Of A Peace Keeper Broken Rekids
Charles Bronson Let's Start Another War So I Can Sing About Stopping It Coalition
Ism Nixon Now More Than Ever  
Adrenalin OD Fuck The Neighbors  
Dead Fucking Last Better Off Dead  
Adolescents Self-Destruct  
Groovie Ghoulies Free Bird Fat Wreck
Big Boys Lesson  
Minor Threat Straight Edge  
Naked Raygun Jettison  
Unrest Oh Yeah, C'mon  
Grim Sunday School  
The Revolutionary Hydra Hats And Scarves  
Neutral Nation Life's So Short  
Senor Happy Take You There  
Don't Mean Maybe Man  
King Missle Glass  
Don't No Dirt  
Snuff Can't Explain  
I Spit On Your Gravy Lonliness  
Hanin Elias You Will Never Get Me DHR
Swirlies Indian Ocean Mirror Pehr
Super Furry Animals Dacw Hi Placid Casual
Mice Parade Mystery Brethren Vironment Bubble Core
White Stripes I'm Bound To Pack It Up Sympathy For The Record Industry
Burakumin How Are You Doing Scientific
L'Altra Room Becomes Thick Aesthetics
Modest Mouse Lives Epic
Noonday Underground Where Have They Gone M21
Diane Linkletter Experience Citing Examples Vital Cog
Yuji Oniki Tomorrow Stays Future Farmer
Belle and Sebastian The Model Matador
Apples In Stereo Signal In The Sky (Let's Go) Rhino

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