Breakfast of Champions - Wednesday

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Here are the songs I played on July 28, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Power Pop of the 70's

Band Song Label (if new)
Big Star Thirteen  
Raspberries I Wanna Be With You  
Pezband Stop! Wait a Minute  
Dwight Twilley Band That I Remember  
Modern Lovers I'm Straight  
Badfinger Baby Blue  
Records Teenarama  
Fotomaker Two Can Make It Work  
Todd Rundgren Couldn't I Just Tell You  
Sweet The 6-Teens  
20/20 Jet Lag  
Pop! Down on the Boulevard  
Cheap Trick He's a Whore  
Gene Simmons See You Tonite  
Shoes Your Very Eyes  
Quick Hi Lo  
Cloud Eleven Tokyo Aquarium Del-Fi
My Favorite Working Class Jacket Double Agent
BIS Sale or Return Grand Royal
Pop Race All I Wanted Elefant
Replikants Replikants Requiem 5rc
SwitchHitter Varsity Framed!
Birthday Party Release the Bats 4AD
Burning Softies Stationary Skinny Chest
Roundhead Monkey Parts Small Stone
American Analog Set Weather Report Emporer Jones
Belle and Sebastian We Rule the School Matador
Peter Ulrich Time and a Word Projekt
Lincolnville You Know What You Are Emptypool
Atom and His Package Hats Off for Halford No Idea

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