Every Tuesday night, 9:00pm to 1:00am EST at River Gods, 125 River St. in Cambridge MA 02139

Here are the songs I played on August 3, 2004.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label
Ulrich Schnauss A Letter From Home  
The One AM Radio Shivers  
Add N To X Revenge Of The Black Regent  
On!Air!Library! Bread  
Elk City Love's Like A Bomb  
Jens Lekman Maple Leaves  
Anjali A Humble Girl  
Cocteau Twins Cicely  
My Bloody Valentine Blown A Wish  
Drop Nineteens Winona  
Medicine Something Goes Wrong  
Toulouse Know Better  
Ride Vapour Trail  
Boo Radleys Smile Fades Fast  
Strawberry Switchblade Since Yesterday  
Kenna Freetime  
Cut Copy Saturdays  
Avalanches A Different Feeling  
Ova Looven Power Windows  
Windsor For The Derby Awkwardness  
Bows Britannica  
Philip Glass Vessels  

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