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Here are the songs I played on August 16, 2001.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Started 1 hour early

Band Song Label (if new)
Jimmy Eat World Cautioners Dreamworks
Mark Eitzel Shine Matador
Quasi From a Hole in the Ground Touch and Go
Shannon Wright Less Than a Moment Quarterstick
Lucksmiths Friendless Summer Matinee
American Analog Set Know By Heart Tiger Style
Bill Janovitz Atlantic Spin Art
Beulah I'll Be Your Lampshade Velocette
Melody Unit Kona Song Melody Unit
Ivy Undertow Nettwerk
The Pills She's All Yours Monolyth
Aislers Set The Red Door Slumberland
Walker Kong Pulitzer Prize Magic Marker
Pretty Girls Make Graves 3 Away Sound Virus
Wiseguys Re-Introduction  
A Split Second Flesh  
Throwing Muses Not Too Soon  
Curve Lillies  
The Sound One Thousand Reasons  
Face to Face Don't Change  
Effigies Mob Clash  
Adam and the Ants Car Trouble  
Auteurs Show Girl  
Long Fin Killie Sugar Helping  
Go-Betweens Was There Anything I Could Do  
Korgis Art School Annexe  
For Against Reinventing the Wheel  
Pale Saints Unsubstantial  
AR Kane Suicide Kiss  
Orange Humble Band Skyway Believin' Matador
Ken Stringfellow Sparrow Manifesto
Velvet Crush Everything Flows Action Musik
Pearlfishers New Stars Marina
Landing Are You Gone To Vast Archives? Strange Attractors
Clem Snide Frustrated Poet Self-Starter
Moviola This Conversation Spirit of Orr
Ivory Coast Things a Sword Would Say Polyvinyl
Black Box Recorder Brutality Jetset
Joel Plaskett Emergency Blinding Light Brobdingnagian
Bedbug Nova Scotia Two Sheds
The Sights Finish Whatcha Started Fall of Rome
The Faint Let The Poison Spill Saddle Creek

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