Breakfast of Champions - Wednesday

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Here are the songs I played on August 18, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Songs Marianna Hasn't Played (Yet)

Band Song Label (if new)
Cherry People Girl on the Subway  
Moose Dress You the Same  
Felt Wave Crashed on the Rocks  
Popinjays Too Jung  
Creeping Jenny Second Hand  
Proctors Baby Blue  
Jetset The Wheels of Love  
Left Banke Ivy Ivy  
Kowanko Love Monster  
Spy Happy as a Child  
Popundret Friendship Love  
Blue Clocks Green Hemingway  
Sarah Cracknell Taxi  
Hope Factory Dreary  
Revolver I Wear Your Chain  
Sissy Fuzz Don't Fear (The Reverb)  
Brideshead Arrogance or Elegance Marsh Marigold
Snares and Kites Delay in Sound Inbetweens
Quickspace Take Away Hidden Agenda
American Analog Set A Schoolboy's Charm Emporer Jones
Remote Viewer A Shellfish Revolt Nu Gruv
Big Kenny Cheater's Lament Hollywood
BIS Action and Drama Grand Royal
Belle and Sebastian She's Losing It Matador
Superchunk Cursed Mirror Merge
East River Pipe Wholesale Lies Merge
Pete Ham Keyhole Street Rykodisc
Buck Jones Radio One Ton
Macha Salty Jetset
Plow United Believe Your Eyes Coolidge

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