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Here are the songs I played on September 6, 2001.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Started 1 hour early

Band Song Label (if new)
Carissa's Wierd Lazy Eyelids Brown
Slumber Party Everyone Else I Know Kill Rock Stars
Bows Uniroyal Too Pure
My Favorite The Black Cassette Double Agent
The Faint Glass Danse World Saddle Creek
Paula Kelley You Gonna Make It? Stop, Pop & Roll
Golden Gram Chimes OJet
Clem Snide Chinese Baby Spin Art
Kill Creek Kathleen Second Nature
White Lights Another Face Worry Bird
Erase Errata Billy Mummy Troubleman Unlimited
Love As Laughter Coast to Coast Sub Pop
IfIHadAHiFi (This Is) The New Science No Karma
Velvet Crush Butterfly Position Action Musik
Califone Silvermine Pictures  
Trial Crimson Retrospect  
Medium Medium Hungy So Angry  
Orange Juice Poor Old Soul  
Death in the Shopping Malls Purpose  
Redd Kross Standing In Front of Poseur  
Kill-a-Watts Treat Me Like a Jerk  
Cheap Trick Clock Strikes Ten  
Guided By Voices Little Whirl  
Gigolo Aunts Avalanche  
Waxwings Low Ceiling  
Died Pretty Just Forever  
Uzi Collection  
Soul Whirling Somewhere How To Hang Yourself  
Blueboy Joined Up Writing  
Robert Pollard and His Soft Rock Renegades Edison's Memos Rockathon
Centro-Matic To Unleash the Horses Now Idol
Sunset Valley Wired Nights Barsuk
Daryll-Ann Desmond Don't Go Excelsior
Electrelane U.O.R. Let's Rock
My Bloody Valentine Never Say Goodbye Lazy
14 Iced Bears Cut Slumberland
Curve Gift Hip-O
Lassie Foundation Look All Ways Grand Theft Autumn
Barcelona Fleeting Fame PulCec
Petland Ivy Petland
Fugu Baragan Minty Fresh
Sanford Arms Golden Ice Age Pattern 25
Joel Plaskett Emergency Waiting To Be Discovered Brobdingnagian

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