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Here are the songs I played on September 7, 2006.
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Band Song Label (if new)
Vitalic Valletta Fanfares  
The Dirty Pictures A Terrible Beauty  
The One AM Radio I Didn't Speak The Language  
Scientific American Your Utopia  
Virgin Prunes Uncle Arthur's Lonely World  
Kate Bush Prologue  
The Smiths This Night Has Opened My Eyes  
Racoo-oo-oon Hundred Eyes Time-Lag
Archers of Loaf Freezing Point  
Archers of Loaf Death In The Park  
Archers of Loaf One Slight Wrong Move  
Joe and Bing Fennario  
Bart Davenport Bar-Code Trees  
The River Bends Are You Lonely?  
The Prids Forever Again Five03
Futureheads Favours For Favours Vagrant/Star Time
The Sterns About The Author Omnirox
Farmacia Maņas Psych-o-path
Oh No! Oh My! Lisa, Make Love! (It's Okay!) -
The Positions Flowers And Trees Lazyline
The Charade Rain On Your Parade Skipping Stones
Sprites Shirley Beans Darla
A Shoreline Dream Peel You Open Latenight Weekend
Headlights Words Make You Tired Polyvinyl
Under The Influence Of Giants Stay Illogical Island
My Brightest Diamond Dragonfly Asthmatic Kitty
The Whigs Technology ATO

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