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Here are the songs I played on September 23, 2004.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Randy Newman Wedding In Cherokee County  
Bryan MacLean Strong Commitment  
Bobbi Martin For The Love Of Him  
Beach Boys Aren't You Glad  
Spinanes Hawaiian Baby  
Ova Looven Power Windows  
Rocketship Hey Hey Girl  
The Nerves Hanging On The Telephone  
Black Mayonnaise Narcotic Fog Emperor Jones
Gang Of Four Cheeseburger  
Gang Of Four We Live As We Dream Alone  
Crispy Ambulance Travel Time  
Geza X I Hate Punks  
Positive Noise Positive Negative  
Interpol Narc Matador
The Faint I Disappear Saddle Creek
Julian Fane Freezing In Haunted Water Planet-Mu
Pinback Soaked Touch And Go
Lowlights Hide Awhile Darla
Moore Brothers Sorting Books Plain
Paul Weller Early Morning Rain V2
The Vells Little Yellow Moon Imputor!
Monster Movie Momento Clairecords
Grimble Grumble Rail Road Pehr
Worm Is Green Undercover Arena Rock
Graves The Mill Now Hush
Wives Mountainous Cold Sweat

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