Breakfast of Champions - Thursday

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Here are the songs I played on September 30, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Breaking Up, Pt. 2

Band Song Label (if new)
Dusty Springfield No Easy Way Down  
American Music Club I've Been a Mess  
Red House Painters Grace Cathedral Park  
Motion Picture Who You Are Is Not Who You Were  
Softies Charms Around Your Wrist  
Smiths I Don't Owe You Anything  
Trembling Blue Stars Do People Ever?  
Luna I Know You Tried  
Cinerama Maniac  
Holiday It's Wrong to Love  
Felt A Wave Crashed on the Rocks  
Ween Birthday Boy  
Strawberry Switchblade Who Knows What Love Is?  
Bats Jetsam  
Sloan I Am the Cancer  
Sloan Take Good Care of the Poor Boy MurderRecords
Fastbacks Have You Had Enough SpinArt
Betwixt Sound of America ArchEnemy
Beatles Love to You Capitol
Emporer Penguin Glamour Hammer My Pal God
Wheat Don't I Hold You Sugar Free
White Stripes Screwdriver Sympathy for the Record Industry
Radar Bros Shifty Lies See Thru
Tram When It's All Over Jetset
Tristeza Beige Finger Makoto
Joel RL Phelps Wading In the Water Pacifico
Next Time Passions Not Here Any More Pop Art
Promise Ring Living Around Jade Tree
Idlewild Paint Nothing Foot

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