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Here are the songs I played on October 19, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
David Bowie African Night Flight  
Kim Fowley Rubber Rainbow  
Wazmo Nariz Plunger  
Reds Victims  
David Johansen Wreckless Crazy  
Patti Smith Group Dancing Barefoot  
John Cale Evidence  
Marianne Faithful Broken English  
Japan Sometimes I Feel So Low  
Penetration Nostalgia  
Flash and the Pan Down Among the Dead Men  
Members The Sound of the Suburbs  
Make-Up I Am Pentagon K
Faint In Concert Blank-Wave
Flin Flon Leading Tickles Teenbeat
Unwound Eternalux Kill Rock Stars
Outlets Close to You -
By a Thread The World to Me Revelation
Paris Texas Lt. Peterson Polyvinyl
Arcwelder Why Did I Care Touch and Go
Kincaid Benjamin Kindercore
Tom Daily Minneapolis Thick
Stereo Total Ringo, I Love You Bobsled
Frogs (Try Out My New) Sex Doll Baby!!! 4 Alarm
Divine Comedy Becoming More Like Alfie Setanta
Idlewild Close the Door Food
Erics My Price -
Helicopter Helicopter Please Take Me to Mars Lunch
Moon and the Melodies Sea, Swallow Me 4AD
Betty Wright The Wrong Girl  

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