spBoC Thurs 10/25/07

Breakfast of Champions - Thursday

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Here are the songs I played on October 25, 2007.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Info replicated on the blog.
Band Song Label (if new)
Sibylle Baier Tonight  
Textile Ranch Boys Climbing Skull  
Montt Mardie Highschool Drama  
Another Sunny Day The Centre Of My Little World  
Working For A Nuclear Free City So  
The Apartments The Failure Of Love Is A Brick Wall  
David Mead Fighting For Your Life  
Williamson Time You'll Never Get Back  
Holiday Obviously Love  
Holiday It's Wrong To Love  
Holiday Your Very Last Party  
Close Lobsters Sewer Pipe Dreams  
Wolfhounds Son Of Nothing  
The Servants Afterglow  
Always Window Without A View  
The Bitter Springs Die In A Spy Ring  
Saturday Looks Good To Me Edison Girls K
Tullycraft Bored To Hear You Say Your Heart Still Breaks Magic Marker
Underworld Beautiful Burnout Side One
Citay On The Wings Dead Oceans
Anna Ternheim Today Is A Good Day Decca
Club 8 When I Come Around Labrador
Loney, Dear Le Fever Dear John
Dri You Know I Tried Saddle Creek
Euros Childs Horse Riding Wichita
Sunset Rubdown The Taming Of The Hands That Came Back To Life Jagjaguwar
My Own Worst Enemy Used To Be A Fighter Prinstine Indigo

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