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Here are the songs I played on November 28, 2002.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
The Negatives Money Talk  
Basics Slow Motion Suicide  
The Apartments Help  
Marine Girls Second Sight Cherry Red
Torrez Forage Your Way Kimchee
Emily Sparks Downtown Cafe Wishing Tree
Scarboro Aquarium Club Little Nikka Le Grande Magistery
The Soft Boys Wey-Wey-Hep-Uh-Hole  
The Soft Boys Vyrna Knowl Is A Headbanger  
The Music Lovers This World Vs. The Next Door Marriage
The Clientele Haunted Melody Merge
Byrne Greener Rocket Girl
Josh Rouse Miracle (live) Ryko
Baby Grand Saturday Spy-Fi
Replicant Nothing Can Stop Us Radio Khartoum
The Chubbies C'mon Christopher Sympathy For The Record Industry
Scorn Sleep When Home Hymen
Ride She's So Fine Sire
Burning Paris Building My Own Coffin Magic Bullet
Kimone Have Faith Silverthere
Helms At Night The Ringing Filled Their Rooms Like The Bells Of Distant Churches Kimchee
The Kitty Kill Taken KK
The Cadets Bustle Down A Train Snowglobe
For Against So Long Words On Music
Pacific Ocean I'm Part Of Everything Teenbeat
The Starside Eight Trouble Tonight Electric Frog
Song Of Zarathustra The Messenger Of Heat Troubleman

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