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Here are the songs I played on December 2, 1998.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Richard Buckner Lucky Buzz A&M
Let's Active Make Up With Me  
Kraftwerk Neon Lights  
Golden Palominos These Days  
Quasi Tomorrow You'll Hide  
Saints New Centre of the Universe  
Flamin' Groovies I Can't Hide  
Five Americans Evol Not Love  
Thatcher on Acid Grindstone Cowboy  
Coctails When I Come Around  
Spent A Life of Illusion  
Rainy Day I'll Keep It With Mine  
Screaming Paisleys Stop the Blood  
King Buzzo Skeeter  
Cavedogs Baba Ghanooj  
Arab Strap Little Girls  
Wedding Present Carolyn  
Field Mice If You Need Someone Shinkansen
Allen Clapp In a Foreign Land Zum
Stereolab Melochord Seventy-Five Drag City
Weeping in Fits and Starts Home With Me Tonight Rhubarb
Two Dollar Guitar Silver Meteor Oil City
Wayne Kramer Something Broken in the Promised Land Epitaph
High Rise Cotton Top Squealer
Farewell Bend Heads Down Slowdime
Beachwood Sparks Desert Skies Bomp!
Atom and His Package What We Do on Christmas My Pal God
Flossie and the Unicorns Celebrity Biography Skin Graft
Jad Fair and Yo La Tengo Car Gears Stick in Reverse, Daring Driver Crosses Town Backwards Matador
Transona Five Alchological Sandwich
Amp Tomorrow Kranky
Cat Power American Flag Matador

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