Breakfast of Champions - Wednesday

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Here are the songs I played on December 9, 1998.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: (Mostly) British Mod

Band Song Label (if new)
Joe Jackson Don't Wanna Be Like That  
Amber Squad I Can't Put My Finger on You  
Vapors Johnny's In Love (Again)  
Television Personalities David Hockney's Diary  
Alternative TV Fun City  
Squire Jesamine  
Secret Affair Time for Action  
Clash Stay Free  
Kinks She's Got Everything  
Creation Making Time Retroactive
Merton Parkas When Will It Be  
Rage Looking For You  
XTC New Town Animal In a Furshined Cage  
Jam It's Too Bad  
Lambrettas Cortina Mk. II  
Soft Boys Positive Vibrations  
Letters Nobody Loves Me  
Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict  
Lilys Shovel Into Spade Kit  
Long Hind Legs Killing Distance Kill Rock Stars
Lucksmiths Untidy Towns Drive-In
Birdie Spiral Staircase Summershine
Field Mice Emma's House Shinkansen
Masters of the Hemisphere Saucy Foreign Lass Kindercore
Weeping in Fits and Starts Strange Groove Rhubarb
Union of a Man and a Woman One Red Light, One Green Light, Two Cars Drive, Cars Collide Jagjaguwar
Spraydog Kissy Lips Ferric Mordant
Symmetry of Sound Here Without You Arf! Arf!
Aloha Steamtrain Girl Planet LIR
Beck Dead Melodies DGC
Fayaled Crew For the Best Lab Rat
Scarnella A Millenium Fever Ballad Smells Like
Barbara Manning Everything Happens by Itself Communion
Amp Outlier Kranky

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