The Dumping Ground (Fill-in)

co-hosted with Tim Kelly of Late Riser's Club Wednesday

Every Saturday, 4pm to 6pm EST on 88.1FM WMBR Cambridge MA

Here are the songs we played on December 11, 1999.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Band Song Label (if new)
Lurkers Ain't Got a Clue (live)  
Reva McIntrye Band Child Molester  
Happy Flowers Not Fade Away  
Ism Dead Girls Don't Say No  
Detention Dead Rock and Rollers  
RF 7 Jesus Loves You  
August Spies Jesus Hates Me  
Heart Attack God is Dead  
Zodiac Killers I Hate Myself Rip Off
Forced Reality Big Taang!
F Attack  
Hookers II Maxi Scooch Pooch
RF 7 World of Hate  
Toxic Narcotic Asshole Rodent Popsicle
Reva McIntyre Band Janet  
Accident Kill the Bee Gees  
Henrietta Collins and the Wife Beating Child Haters Drive By Shooting  
Stukas Over Bedrock Car God  
Six and Violence Death to the Guidos  
Armitage Shanks Ambulance  
Damned Neat Neat Neat  
Airbomb Turn It Off TKO
Consumers Your Problem  
Cosmic Psychos Lost Cause  
Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters Big Oven  
Fumes Driver Scooch Pooch
Reva McIntyre Band John Heinz is Dead  
JFA Preppy  
Live Nude Girls Now I Wanna Fuck Madonna  
Squirm Fuck You Brooke Shields  
Crowd Trix Are for Kids  
Ism John Hinckley Jr. (What Has Jodie Done to You)  
Red Cross Clorox Girls  
Puncture Mucky Pup  
Anthem 88 Disconnect No Idea
Pist Can't Tell No One Suburban Voice
American Steel Loaded Gun Lookout
Jerry's Kids Is This My World  
Plain Wrap Magnetic Shoes  
Consumed On the Make Again Fat Wreck
DMZ Ball Me Out  
Reva McIntyre Band Doug Got a New Haircut  
Bad Brains Pay to Cum  
MDC Pay to Come Along  
Snivelling Shits I Can't Come  
Business Drinkin' and Drivin'  
Worse Than Useless Masturbation of the Nation  
Sloppy Seconds I Don't Wanna Take You Home  

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