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Here are the songs I played on December 16, 1998.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Today's Theme: Best of '98 - The Songs

Band Song Label (if new)
Blake Hazard Come on Home -
Pedro the Lion When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run  
Sweet William Dutch Mother  
Low Numbers Telekom  
Witch Hazel Just Don't Try  
Long Fin Killie Sugar Helping  
Green Pajamas If I Lived in a Picture  
Minders Yeah Yeah Yeah  
Asteroid #4 What a Sorry Way to Go  
DeeJay Punk-Roc I Hate Everybody  
Monorchid A Was for Anarchy  
Sloan Money City Maniacs  
Beatnik Filmstars Life Amongst the Cowboys  
Waves Bombarded  
Mars Accelerator Jupiter Fell Into a Lapse  
Trembling Blue Stars Deserve  
Long Hind Legs Killing Distance Kill Rock Stars
Weeping in Fits and Stars Home With Me Tonight Rhubarb
Silver Scooter Tribute to the Phone Calls Peek A Boo
True Love Always IWW Teen Beat
Dogon Departures on the Sacred Hymns of the Syrians Dogon
Karate There Are Ghosts Southern
Lucksmiths Untidy Towns Drive-In
Masters of the Hemisphere Meteor Kindercore
Field Mice Canada Shinkansen
Alice Despard Lebanon Deep Reverb
Twelve Caesers The Cannibals Minty Fresh
Zoo Sometimes Crypt
Photek UFO (J Majik Mix) Astralwerks
Anodyne Sometimes No Means Right Reproductive

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