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Here are the songs I played on December 13, 2001.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Best of 2001

Band Song Label (if new)
Don Peris Firefly  
Arco Driving At Night  
Heidi Saperstein The Devil I Once Knew  
Arab Strap Last Orders  
Dismemberment Plan Time Bomb deSoto
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Miles Away  
My Favorite The Suburbs Are Killing Us  
American Amalog Set Know By Heart  
Momus Smooth Folk Singer  
Fugu Sol Y Sombra  
Birdie Silver Line  
January I Heard Myself In You (Part 2)  
Millennium It's You Sony/Sundazed
Jazz Butcher Girlfriend  
Björk Heirloom  
The Faint Your Retro Career Melted  
Avalanches Flight Tonight Sire/Modular
Chris Kowanko Count Me In Swimming
Llips Out of Reach Deluxe
Toulouse Into L'avventura  
The Still Coincidence  
Clientele Saturday  
Red House Painters Void  
Call and Response Blowin' Bubbles  
Joel Plaskett Emergency Waiting To Be Discovered  
Rhapsody Holy Thunderforce  

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